Tradition of today with a view in the Future

Tradition of today with a view in the Future

Tradition of today with a view in the Future

Terradamares - Sociedade de Vinhos, Lda is a wine company with about 80 hectares of vineyards, which are divided into five Minho counties: Amares, Vila Verde, Terras de Bouro, Braga and Ponte de Lima. Terradamares has its own wine cellar with a capacity of 500,000 liters of wine. It is located in the municipality of Carrazedo, district of Amares, a region of excellence for the production of quality wine.It is inserted in the delimited production area of ​​Vinho Verde. Terradamares is a company that produces and sells white, red and rosé wines. Currently has two brands of wine: "TERRAS DE AMARES" and "TAMARES". The company has grown robustly for years. It has expanded its vineyards and diversified varieties: Loureiro, Trajadura, Fernão Pires, Arinto, Vinhão and Padeiro de Basto, where Loureiro is the predominant caste. Terradamares works with the aim of improving the quality of its wines by selecting new techniques for the modernization of the field and cultivation to the winery.
Fruit of the natural characteristics of the soil and climate are the wines of the highest quality, fruity, aromatic and fresh, ideal to share a moment of individual enjoyment or special occasions. The quality of our Vinho Verde comes from the work of a team of people who are motivated, committed and connected with family cohesion. As the export volume increases, the target market persists among national consumers and, above all, in the northern regions of Portugal. The best value for money, the growing quality bunch, a winemaking process with strict quality control and the commitment of the entire team are undoubtedly the strengths that set us apart.

The vineyards of the Terras de Amares are located on the southern slope. The slope is sandy, with good sunshine and integrated production. There is a constant care with maturation to obtain a high-quality grape, which is reflected in the quality of the wines we are very proud of. Share with us this young spirit of Vinho Verde and visit our vineyards, our cellar and our land. Get to know the production processes and discover the stories of our people and our traditions. Be inspired by the natural beauty of our wine tourism and learn in a guided tour how to make an elegant, aromatic and refreshing wine. Depending on the season, you can actively participate in pruning, harvesting or vinification in the winery.

With a current production of about 500,000 liters, Terradamares is today a company with a strong manufacturing structure that thrives on the global market and has a promising and sustainable future. It is already recognized as a national reference for high quality Vinho Verde and is therefore recognized by its peers and wine lovers. Production is always carried out in accordance with traditional practices with particular care and with particular attention paid to the protection of nature and the region.

A perfect sensory experience combined with the art of well-being of those who know how to value the earth and what it produces. Plan your schedule and we guarantee an unforgettable tour of the bottling plant, through the large and colorful gardens, the rugged and well-kept vineyards, our wine cellar and the test room. As an expression of the experience you can taste our wines: Loureiro Grande Esolha, Loureiro Arinto Escolha, Rosé Escolha and the always special our Red Wine.
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Avenida Barriomau, nº158
4720-282 Carrazedo
Amares, Portugal

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