Before submitting this form, we advise you to read carefully and carefully these Terms and Conditions before accessing and using the standard form.

I. What are T & C Terradambar Forms?

1. Terms and General Conditions of Use, hereinafter referred to as T & C Terradamares Forms, are understood to mean the text that governs the use of standard forms available on the portal www.terradamares.pt.
2. The T & C Forms Terradamares apply to the portal www.terradamares.pt and to the platforms of this dependents, of which Terradamares- Gestão em Saúde, SA is a commercial company with the NIPC 504 299 263, and headquartered in a joint stock company with located at Rua Alfredo Guisado, No. 8-10, hereinafter referred to as Terradamares.
3. The T & C Terradamares forms are an integral part and complement of the T & C Terradamares (which you can access here). The text that determines how any user can access and use the services and products / contents available in this portal, and from this can not be autonomised.
Terradamareso reserves the right to unilaterally change the T & C Terradamares Forms, for the improvement and effectiveness thereof, whenever it deems it necessary and desirable, without prior notification of users, in order to respond to legal requirements or changes in operation. The new wording becomes binding as soon as it is published on the portal, or when it is otherwise known to the user.

II. What are standard forms?

1. The standard forms are a communication service between the user and the Terradamares. It is through them that the user submits their data and places them for the consideration of Terradamares, its employees or its partners, to enjoy a certain service or functionality.
2. Some standard forms are only available to users who meet certain characteristics. They are examples of differentiation of users, the registration in the site and in what quality they do (as a private client, mediator or company).
3. Each standard form that is submitted by the user generates a reply e-mail where Terradamares confirms the success of the submission of the form.
4. When submitting a standard form the user accepts and acknowledges that a procedure will be initiated by Terradamares in order to execute the request made.
5. The acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions, as well as any other document referred to herein, is mandatory, without reservations, and is binding, so that if you do not accept them, you can not enjoy this functionality.
6. The user acknowledges that the personal data that he inserts into the standard forms and that he sends by electronic means to the Terradamares can be used by it under the terms of the defined Data Protection Policy. Get to know her here.

III. What are the duties of the User?

1. The user undertakes and guarantees that any activity developed by him through this functionality will be correct and diligent, not infringing the legislation in force.
2. The user undertakes to use this service with the utmost care and prudence and undertakes to carry out any operation in person, taking special care not to commit typing or communication errors, in order to ensure that the operation is correctly performed.
3. The user will be responsible for damages and losses of any nature that Terradamares may suffer as a consequence of the misuse or non-compliance with these conditions.
4. If the functionality requires information, the user undertakes to provide it in a true and legitimate manner, and not to enter data of ideology, union affiliation, religion, beliefs, racial origin, health or sexual life in the fields of free description .

IV. What care should I take when using form-type functionality?

1. Terradamares does not guarantee the permanent functioning of the submission of standard forms, so it can not be held liable for the impossibility of its use by the user, nor does it guarantee the total immunity of the same to attacks of hackers and viruses or other software of intrusion , that are carried out by external entities with malicious intent.
2. Terradamares does not assume any responsibility for the damages resulting from any situations of impossibility, delay, suspension or interruption in access and use of standard form.
3. In case of any anomaly in accessing this service, the user / subscriber can alternatively contact the Support Service 213 228 000 or geral@terradamares.com.
4. From now on, it is the duty of the user to immediately notify Terradamares of any anomalous occurrences, namely:
    a) Occurrence of an unsorted operation;
    b) Incorrect posting of any operation.
    Whenever an operation the procedures referred to in the previous clauses, it is presumed that it was by the user. 5. If, however, it proves that the operation has been carried out by a third party, it shall be presumed that this has been consented to or is faulted by the user. 6. Errors or deficiencies arising from the means of access used by the user may not be invoked before Terradamares. 7. However, for technical, security, control or other justified reasons, Terradamares may modify or suspend access to and use of the standard form. 8. Terradamares rejects any liability for any direct or indirect damages, including loss of profits which, as a result of any defect or virus or malfunction of the equipment or the use of any software, as a result of access to and use of the functionality mentioned above , as well as for any damages resulting from the operation or unavailability of the functionality mentioned above, its misuse, the loss of data, the collection of any software made available, and the claims of third parties related to the use of this website.

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